Twitter Flight School

DEFINITION: Twitter Flight School

A dynamic learning experience to help you craft the best ways of integrating Twitter into your work.


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What Is Twitter Flight School?



  • Twitter Flight School is an easy way to build a deeper understanding of how Twitter works, and how to use it to engage with consumers.
  • Twitter Flight School – Free Online Learning with Certification from Twitter on successful completion.
  • Twitter Flight School is an easy way to build a deeper understanding of how Twitter works, and how to use it to engage with consumers.
  • Twitter Flight school – Twitter’s free online education program, is available to all marketers around the world in 16 languages.
  • Twitter first launched Twitter Flight School in 2014 to help agencies learn how to build buzz, launch products, drive sales, and instantly connect with a highly engaged audience on Twitter. Since then, nearly 15,000 people from Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), WPP, Omnicom, and other companies have completed the coursework.


Why Twitter Flight School?

Learn how to master the Twitter landscape with in-depth product tutorials and continually refreshed content

  • Access the Downloadable Resource Library created by Twitter — Access a trove of tips and downloadable presentations to develop campaign ideas and prepare for meetings.
  • Achieve Recognition in the Marketplace — Twitter will recognise your expertise with an official badge to display in your email signature and a printable certificate.
  • Benefit from Quick and Accessible Courses — Courses take as little as 10 minutes to complete and are accessible on the move, anywhere via your mobile phone.


Twitter Flight School Includes / Courses

  • Twitter 101: Learn how Twitter is shaping relationships between brands and people, on and off platform.
  • How to create and manage objective-based campaigns
  • Optimize at Scale with Twitter ads: Learn how to build, optimize, and measure many campaigns at once, so you can do more in less time.
  • How to integrate Twitter into a TV campaign
  • How to drive website traffic (clicks) and conversions: Learn how to drive high-value website traffic and conversions using Twitter’s powerful tools to reach your audiences based on live signals of interest and intent.


Twitter Flight School Benefits / Graduate & Complete

When marketers graduate, they’ll be ready to design, launch, and manage innovative Twitter campaigns to achieve goals ranging from awareness generation to sales. Twitter will recognise learners expertise with a printable certificate and an official badge that they are free to display in their email signatures and/or on their LinkedIn profiles.

  • Twitter Flight School #Graduate Badge
  • Twitter Flight School Certification
  • Twitter Flight School Email Signature Link
  • Twitter Flight School LinkedIn Certification Automated Certification Post

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