TXT Record


What is an TXT Record

A TXT record is a DNS resource record type. Most commonly it is used to verify whether an email is actually originating from a domain name, and whether or not to trust that mail. Internet spammers sometimes send email from random domain names without actually owning those domain names, this is called email spoofing. TXT records can have SPF records which is abbreviation for Sender Policy Framework record which is used by email service providers to verify that an email message is actually coming from the same domain as it claims.

TXT records are also used to have a DKIM (Domain Key Identified Mail) record. This record adds an encrypted key in outgoing mail which allows recipient mail servers to see the originating server and whether or not to trust the message.

How to Add a TXT Record

TXT records are useful when you are using a third party mail service such as outlook.com on your own domain name. We will show you how to add a TXT record to your DNS records settings using cPanel.

1. Login to your cPanel account and click on Advanced DNS Zone Editor.

2. In the name field provide your domain name. Example: your-domain.com

3. In the TTL field enter 14400.

4. In the Type drop down menu, select TXT.

5. Enter value provided by your mail service provider in TXT Data field.

6. Click on “Add Record” button and you are done.

If your web host is not offering cPanel, then log in to your hosting management area, find your DNS settings page and if you don’t see a way to add TXT record then ask your hosting provider for help.

DNS records provide a convenient way for domain owners to serve their websites. However, incorrect settings could also make a website inaccessible or less secure.

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