Query is a term used to describe the act of selecting, inserting, or updating data in a database. In WordPress, queries are used to access data from your MySQL database. WordPress is written using PHP and MySQL.

Each time you are viewing a WordPress page, there are MySQL queries running in the background to fetch the data from database. This data is then used to dynamically generate HTML for your browser. When users create, edit, or delete anything from WordPress, there are database queries that convert user input into instructions which are then executed by running database queries.

Queries can also be used to create new records in the database (e.g. creating a Post), or editing existing records. These are done automatically by WordPress, but plugin developers can also use queries to store their own data in the WordPress database.

A WordPress query can look for items based on tags, categories, title, status and more. Developers can use this to create custom widgets, or custom pages that display a specific set of content.

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