Business Opportunities with ISO 22000 2018 in Ukraine

Nov 11, 2023

With the growing emphasis on food safety and quality management, ISO 22000 2018 stands as a crucial international certification for businesses in Ukraine. ViConsult, a leading provider of professional services and marketing solutions, helps established and aspiring businesses in Ukraine capitalize on this lucrative opportunity.

Understanding ISO 22000 2018

ISO 22000 2018 is a globally recognized standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It focuses on food safety management processes and allows organizations to demonstrate their commitment to producing safe and hygienic food products.

The standard incorporates the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and combines them with a management system approach. By obtaining ISO 22000 2018 certification, businesses in Ukraine can establish trust and transparency across their supply chain, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction.

The Importance of ISO 22000 2018 for Businesses in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with huge agricultural potential, rich in various food products. However, in order to succeed and thrive in the global market, Ukrainian businesses need to meet international food safety regulations. This is where ISO 22000 2018 can make a significant difference.

ISO 22000 2018 certification enhances a company's reputation and credibility by guaranteeing compliance with globally recognized standards. It indicates that a business is committed to providing safe products, following best practices, and constantly improving its food safety management system.

By adopting ISO 22000 2018, Ukrainian businesses can:

  • Enhance Consumer Confidence: ISO 22000 2018 certification assures consumers that the food they consume is safe and of high quality, leading to increased trust and loyalty towards the brand.
  • Facilitate International Trade: Having ISO 22000 2018 certification enables Ukrainian businesses to access international markets more easily, as many countries require this certification for imports.
  • Improve Operational Efficiency: ISO 22000 2018 provides a systematic approach to managing food safety, helping businesses streamline processes, reduce risks, and improve overall operational efficiency.
  • Ensure Legal Compliance: With ISO 22000 2018, Ukrainian businesses can demonstrate compliance with food safety regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues in the process.
  • Gain Competitive Advantage: Achieving ISO 22000 2018 certification differentiates Ukrainian businesses from their competitors, giving them an edge and positioning them as industry leaders.

How ViConsult Can Help

At ViConsult, we specialize in providing professional services and tailored marketing solutions to help Ukrainian businesses unlock the full potential of ISO 22000 2018 certification. Our dedicated team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge of ISO standards, food safety regulations, and the Ukrainian market.

We offer comprehensive services including:

  • ISO 22000 2018 Consultancy: We guide businesses through the entire certification process, from initial assessment to implementation and auditing, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.
  • Training and Workshops: Our experienced trainers deliver customized training programs that help employees understand the importance of ISO 22000 2018 and develop the necessary skills to adhere to its requirements.
  • Documentation Assistance: We assist businesses in developing and improving their food safety documentation, aligning it with ISO 22000 2018 standards to ensure compliance.
  • Marketing and Branding: Our marketing solutions help Ukrainian businesses effectively promote their ISO 22000 2018 certification, allowing them to leverage it as a powerful marketing tool to attract more customers and partners.

By choosing ViConsult as your partner, you gain access to comprehensive support that empowers your business to thrive in a competitive market.


ISO 22000 2018 certification presents numerous advantages for businesses in Ukraine, providing a solid framework for ensuring food safety, meeting international regulations, and gaining a competitive edge. ViConsult, with its expertise in professional services and marketing solutions, offers Ukrainian businesses an opportunity to embrace ISO 22000 2018 and reap the benefits of enhanced brand reputation, improved market access, and operational efficiency.

Contact ViConsult today to kickstart your journey towards ISO 22000 2018 certification. Let us guide you through the process and help your business reach new heights in the Ukrainian and global market.

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