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Target and Segment Prospective Supporters

  • Build rich, detailed supporter profiles and group¬†similar constituents into custom segments based on demographics, giving level, location, wealth data, etc.

Connect with Potential Supporters

  • Leverage sophisticated targeting techniques to personalize your communications with supporters. Reach them with relevant content via email, Facebook ads, and mobile!

Convert Subscribers, Donors, and Advocates

  • Make it easy for your website visitors and subscribers to sign-up, then deepen engagement beyond sign-up and turn them into donors and advocates.


I have known Aaron for several years. He started off as a student of mine at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Where he was a hard working student. Intent on making the best projects he could. He got along with the other students quite well and excelled in his classes. I would recommend him for his hard work and determination to learn.


Marketing Director


DonorPro / VetStrong




Branding, Print, Signage, Web, Video

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