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Was responsible for all Digital Marketing, Multimedia, Web, Video, Social Media projects for not only Burt Hill (Pittsburgh office), but across the entire Burt Hill platform/locations. Which included 15 domestic offices, offices in Canada, & did a great deal of work in Dubai, India, Morocco to list a few international clients

Responding to the needs of its growing client base overseas, Burt Hill announces the establishment of an International Studio. This full-service studio, which offers architectural, site, engineering, and creative services, will support and expand the capabilities of the firms existing offices abroad in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE and Ahmedabad, India, while also strengthening its resources in the United States. The new studio will be housed in Burt Hills Pittsburgh office and increase its current Pittsburgh-based team in the upcoming year.

I have known Aaron for several years. He started off as a student of mine at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Where he was a hard working student. Intent on making the best projects he could. He got along with the other students quite well and excelled in his classes. I would recommend him for his hard work and determination to learn.




Burt Hill


International Architecture Firm


Branding, Print, Signage, Web, Video

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