CNAME Record


What is CNAME Record

CNAME Record is a resource record to define that a domain name is an alias for another domain name. Example:

Name → CNAME →

After adding the above CNAME record entry in a domain’s DNS records, visiting will take users to Windows live website.

How to Change CNAME Record

Changing CNAME record is particularly useful if you are going to configure your domain to use professionally branded email address with or some other service provider.

A lot of WordPress hosting providers offer cPanel to manage your hosting account. We will show you how to add a CNAME record in cPanel.

1. Login to cPanel and click on Simple DNS Editor under the Domains.

2. Enter name, for example, enter mail if you want to use It will automatically add rest of your domain name to it.

3. Enter the URL provided by your service provider. Example:

4. Click the Add CNAME Record button, and you are done.

It may take a while to get your DNS records propagated after that visiting will take users to the URL you provided for the CNAME. If your WordPress hosting provider does not use cPanel then don’t panic. Simply go to your domains section and see if you can find DNS settings there. If you cannot find them, then ask your hosting provider. They will tell you how to add CNAME record to your DNS resources.

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