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When my grandfather founded CleanCare, his vision was to provide the most reliable and highest quality linen service in the region. Now, 75 years later, CleanCare remains the leader in the industry-setting standards for innovation and quality that my grandfather and after him, my father, developed.

At CleanCare, we have continued operating in their footsteps-never forgetting their commitment to the customer and advancement at every level of our business while still investing in our people and our community. We believe that a successful service like CleanCare is not an accident. Instead, it is earned each day through responsiveness to customers needs.

I am proud to be involved in a company that both my grandfather and father advanced and that children of our managers and associates work with us today. And I am proud that we have been an important part of the community in which we live.

At CleanCare, we want to be the best for our customers and ourselves. We trust that you will feel this value each day you interact with our people and see their commitment to our business, our community and our shared future.

I have known Aaron for several years. He started off as a student of mine at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Where he was a hard working student. Intent on making the best projects he could. He got along with the other students quite well and excelled in his classes. I would recommend him for his hard work and determination to learn.




CleanCare Linens


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