XML Sitemap


A document in XML format that categorizes all relevant pages, posts, files, etc. of a website. This document is not intended for human use, though it can be viewed by humans. Instead, an XML sitemap is designed to help search engine crawler bots easily find all of the pages for a given website – very similar to a roadmap or atlas that one would use when driving a car long distances.

You should always configure, submit, test your XML Sitemap to the major search engines to ensure the major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo are indexing your site, applicable pages, and they are sending out bots, spiders & crawling your site to update your site, content, pages, etc on the different search engines for your users, people who are searching. This is a great way to have a relevant and meaningful user touchpoint & engagement.

Great examples, resources, WordPress plugins and where you can test/find the XML Sitemap for your site.

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