MX Record


What is an MX Record

MX record is abbreviation for Mail Exchanger record. It is a type of DNS resource record that defines a mail server to handle email for a particular domain name. For example, by adding an MX recorded provided by for, any email received by will be handled through’s mail servers.

How to Add MX Record

Adding MX record entry is really simple. We will show you how to add MX record entry to your domain name using cPanel.

1. Login to your cPanel account and click on MX Entry under Mail.

2. If you have more than one domain hosted on the server, then you will be asked to choose a domain you want to edit. After this you will be redirected to MX entry maintenance page.

3. In the email routing field choose “Automatically detect configuration”.

4. In the Add New Record section, you can left the priority 0. In the destination, enter the MX entry value provided by your mail service provider.

5. Click on “Add New Record” button, and you are done.

If your hosting provider does not offer cPanel, login to your hosting account and try to find Custom MX editor under Mail settings. If you cannot find it then ask your hosting provider they will show you how to add MX record entry.

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