There are two local.xml files that are commonly used in WordPress, Magneto & other web platforms. The first is app/etc/local.xml which contains the main configuration for the installation. This includes database connection configuration settings, cache configuration, session storage, encryption keys, and the admin (backend) URL path – this file is generated automatically when the application is installed via the installation wizard and should NEVER be modified unless the user has a full understanding of what they are doing. Also, since the file contains sensitive data, it should not be accessible via the web and set with proper permissions on the server. The second local.xml file is used to submit to search engines. For example, when Google.com sends out their ‘bots’ or ‘spiders’, it will automatically index your site and any new changes, pages, etc will be recored and then display for users when as they make their searches on the major search engines; such as google, yahoo, bing, aol, etc. WordPress has many plugins that will automatically generate this file and submit to the search engines after it is auto-generated via the WordPress plugin. Google Web Search Console is a great resource and tool to help you with this process, submission and viewing the analytics, user information from your website users in real-time.

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