CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

DEFINITION: CPC or Cost Per Click

The amount of money spent for a click on an ad in a Pay-Per-Click campaign. In the Adwords platform, each keyword will have an estimated click cost, but the prices change in real time as advertisers bid against each other for each keyword. Average CPCs can range from less than $1 dollar for longtail or low-competition keywords, to upwards of $100 per click for competitive terms, primarily in legal, insurance, and water damage restoration industries.

The amount you’ll pay when a user clicks on your PPC ad. An ad’s actual CPC will fluctuate depending on its Quality Score and the maximum bid made by both yourself and other advertisers competing for the same keywords.

Same as PPC, the actual cost per click is factored into how much the advertiser bids on specific keywords and the relevancy of the ad to the landing page destination.

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